Business License

Welcome to Madison! We are thrilled to welcome your business to our community. Below you will find a checklist of the necessary requirements to obtain an Occupation Tax Certificate, sometimes referred to as a Business License, for the City of Madison. 


Commonly referred to as a business license, an Occupation Tax Certificate is issued upon the registration of a business and payment of the established fee.

An occupation tax certificate:

  • shall be displayed by the business owner in a conspicuous place within the business premises at all times
  • expires on December 31 of the year the certificate is issued
  • is not transferable

change of ownership shall be considered in the same light as the termination of a business and the establishment of a new business. Therefore, a new owner must apply for a new occupational tax certificate.
A change in address shall be cause for a business to follow the same procedures as a new business. Please check the zoning prior to signing a new lease or occupying new space, as the location may be one where the business may not be allowed.

Occupation Tax Certificate Checklist

Zoning: Contact Planner Bryce Jaeck to confirm zoning for proposed location. It is best practice to speak with zoning before signing a lease or purchasing property for your business. Bryce can be reached at 706-342-1251 x 1226 or email Bryce Jaeck

Fire Inspection: No occupation tax certificate will be issued without consent from the Fire Marshal, Gene Porter. He will need to inspect the proposed location to ensure that it is up to code. Gene can be reached at 706-342-1251 x 1212 or email Gene Porter

Occupation Tax Certificate: Download the following forms and return them to Deborah Gilbert, City Clerk, at City Hall. Please note that the E-Verify affidavit and SAVE affidavit require a notary. Additionally, the SAVE affidavit needs to be returned with one form of state issued ID listed on the affidavit.

Occupational Tax Certificate Application (PDF)

If you are applying for a home occupation certificate, print the Home Occupation Ordinance (PDF) and initial each page to confirm it has been read.