Garage Sales

Garage Sale Permit
Garage sales are a great way for residents to sell or redistribute unwanted personal property and offer a corresponding opportunity for other people to purchase bargains. Madison permits the reasonable use of residential property for garage and/or yard sales. When conducted with concern for neighborhood zoning, safety, and appearance, garage sales should cause no detrimental effect in a residential area.

Deadlines & Fees

Permits are issued for garage sales in accordance with Code of Ordinances Sec. 22-176. There is no fee for a garage sale permit. The deadline for a permit application is 2 days prior to the sale.


Permits are issued under the following conditions:

  • location: residential property, the home of the owner or tenant
  • hours/days: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm, no more than 2 days in a row
    Permits can not be issued for days when a Tour of Homes permit has been issued - 2011: May 6-7, Sept. 23-24, and Dec. 1-4.
  • sale items: personal property of the resident, no items purchased for resale or consignment items
  • multi-family garage sale: resident may allow neighbors to bring items to their property (preferred, as to reduce the overall number of outdoor sales in the neighbhorhood and the city)

Temporary Signs Permitted

With the garage sale permit, a resident may put up the following signs 3 days prior to the garage sale if the signs are removed the day after the sale:

  • at the residence - 2 signs maximum, 4 sq.ft. or less
  • directions to the residence - 2 signs maximum, 4 sq.ft. or less
    Remember to get permission to put them on neighbors' property.

Please Note: Do not place signs on any trees, street signs, power poles, along city streets, etc. Such signs violate local ordinance, create litter, and require expenditure of your tax dollars to pull up, repair posts, and toss in the landfill.

Garage Sale Permit Form