Zoning Actions

Three Type

Property owners may file zoning applications for the following actions to be considered for recommendation by the Morgan County Planning Commission and subsequent action by the City of Madison Mayor and Council.

Conditional Use 

Uses listed as "C" under use provisions may be approved for a permit under specific conditions and provided those conditions continue to be met.


Where the literal enforcement of the ordinance may result in undue hardship, a variance may be approved. Please review the standards carefully as variances are rare and based upon an anomaly of the property:

  • Variance Application & Standards
  • A Few Words on Ex Parte Contact
  • Please Note: Land use variances - sometimes referred to as special use variances - are illegal and strictly prohibited.

Text & Map Amendment 

Requests for text amendments are considered on a quarterly basis, or as initiated by the Mayor and Council. Currently, map amendments (or rezoning applications) are considered by the state to be a legislative act but may also be initiated by a property owner. For map amendments, please take care to observe abutting zoning districts and review the Future Land Use Plan (FLUM), in addition to the standards.

  • Zoning Text Amendment Application & Standards
  • Zoning Map Amendment Application & Standards
  • Please Note: The policy regarding ex parte contact does not apply to legislative acts. 

Zoning Assistance

For questions regarding zoning actions - application, support materials, fees, deadlines, and meeting dates, please contact 706-342-1251 x1226.

If you want public information on upcoming zoning actions, please see the Planning Commission.